Friday, November 11, 2011

Sweets Sabbatical

My sweet tooth is out of control. Yes, not only have my workouts been practically nonexistant*, but I've been eating crap like an addict.

Well it's not a secret that I am addicted to crap. Sometimes it's no big deal. Sometimes I'm working out enough that I can eat some crap here and there without it being a big deal. Sometimes it's not a big deal because I really can keep it in moderation and eat treats as treats and not as staples.

Right now it's completely fucking out of control.

So I'm instituting a Sweets Sabbatical.

Starting Sunday.

No more mini candy bars from the bowl at work.

No more trips for frozen yogurt.

No more sugared coffee.

No donuts. No cupcakes. No cakes or pie or french toast.

I plan to start with a week, because I know it will be hard. Like quitting smoking, only harder, because, you know, I still have to eat. And things that seem like normal parts of my life will be out of bounds.

Like pumpkin flavored coffee.

A treat after lunch.

After that first week, I'm open to having a treat as a treat. Occassionally. Like a piece of pie on Thanksgiving.

But not for breakfast the next morning.

And then lunch.

And maybe after dinner.

Hopefully I can get this freight train back on track towards progress.

*Big thanks to MonkeyDo, who got me back on track by asking to go to an X-Bike class at the gym. We went to the thirty minute level one class Wednesday night & she enjoyed it. Looking forward to a new Wednesday night routine!


Wine Dog said...

I would think the master planner would have all of her meals planned out and this wouldn't be a problem.

Consider Body for Life vegetarian version.

Just sayin'.

Because I haven't been on my bike in two weeks.
Because my health insurance bill isn't paid.

dolphyngyrl said...

I thought we'd discussed how well my "planning" works? Also, it's not the planned shit that throws me. Mostly.

But I know you have been keeping your fitness level up by supplementing with spin class, right?