Tuesday, November 29, 2011

SactoMoFo3 - Sacramento Mobile Food Truck Roundup Take Three

If you live in the Sacramento area and you like food, you need to be here this weekend!

That's right, ladies & gentlemen. The folks who brought the original Sacramento Mobile Food Truck Round Up (SactoMoFo) are bringing it again. This time with even more trucks.

Since there's been a mini round up of local trucks most Thursday nights in the Sacramento area, I'm hoping that our local food trucks have learned some valuable lessons in feeding crowds. I'm also hoping that the larger number of trucks helps, as well. I believe that some trucks will be offering a limited menu, which should also help.

Also, please note that this event is also serving as a toy drive for the local chapter of Toys for Tots, so please remember to bring a new, unwrapped toy. I hear that will get you entry into a raffle with some pretty kick ass prizes!

Here's the confirmed list of trucks that will be there Saturday:


miniBurger (I love these guys, even if they did stop serving vegetarian burgers. I do give them hell about it on twitter, though. Come on, you don't expect less from me!)

Drewski’s Hot Rod Kitchen

Chando's Tacos

Wicked 'wich

Heavenly Dog Hot Dogs

It’s Corn Cake

Cajun Wagon Catering

Tacos La Peidad

Volkswaffle aka Red Rooster Waffles (apparently?)

Smoothie Patrol

Fuzion Eatz

Coast to Coast Sandwiches

Big Joe's BBQ (Before it closed, the brick & mortar for Big Joe's BBQ was located literally a couple hundred feet from my house.)

Emma's Tamales

Leila's Lumpia

Bay Area:

The Chairman

Bacon Bacon - If you're not vegetarian like me, you seriously need to try these guys out. Bacon jam? Come on.


Hapa SF

El Porteno Empenadas

Seoul on Wheels

An the Go

Are you coming out for SactoMoFo3? What are you most hoping to try out?

PS: I love that this is sponsored by Jiffy Lube, because that doesn't seem weird at all.


SactoFoodAndInsurance said...

Are you attending?? If so, want to team up with your friendly neighborhood insurance guy/food junkie?

dolphyngyrl said...

In theory? I'd LOVE to! In reality, I have no idea when we'd get there, and I'd hate to leave you hanging. But feel free to get in touch Friday or Saturday morning and we'll see what our timing looks like. :)