Thursday, April 28, 2011

Avoiding the Freakout

Since they're both so close together, I've been leveraging my excitement for my first half marathon and my trip to Austin against each other, hoping to avoid a full fledged freak out. The closer they both get, the less well that is working.

To top it all off, my immune system, which has been rolling like freight train for months, is showing signs that it wants to crap out on me. I'm fighting this the only way I know how: water and copious amounts of immunity boosting chemicals, and, on the advice of sweet Bella Q, some time in the sunshine.

It doesn't help at all that no fewer than four separate illnesses rolled through our house in the last month or so, including the now-infamous weekend wherein each Monkey was sick in an entirely different way*, which was followed by SweetPea coming down with first one and then the other.

So right now I'm agitated, not feeling particularly great, have a ton of work to get done before I skip town for a week and have very little ability to stay on track. Oh, and I'm drinking so much water I'm only good for about 45 minutes between trips to the bathroom. Which is excellent for a short attention span. (NOT)


In both cases, the half marathon and the trip, the events themselves aren't causing too much angst. Rather, the schematics sorrounding them - the parking & bussing of the half marathon and the flights for the trip .

I'm trying to focus on my excitement for the half marathon and our visit to SactoMoFo afterwards. Because nothing makes a fat girl happy like a bunch of really good food in one place directly after a really good excuse to eat a bunch.

Did you know that my long run last week supposedly burned over 2,900 calories? That's more than two days worth of eating for me! So SactoMoFo? OH YES it is ON!

On my radar:

Chairman Bao is bringing "Crispy Garlic Tofu with Miso Greens in baked or steamed bun" and, as much as I love (and miss) pork bao, I am super excited for this!

Curry Up Now - I just can't get over the name! LOVE IT!

Spencer on the Go Escargot lollipops?!? This I gotta see!

Emma's Tamales! Loads of vegetarian & vegan options!

Esther's Cupcakes! Check their menu: Green Tea, Earl Grey Lavender, Meyer Lemon... So yum! And they come in minis! Yay for minis!

What would your ideal food truck serve? See how I dodged away from the topics of things that are freaking me out? I am a pro!

*By the way, there is nothing quite like being woken up at Butt Crack O'Clock by a slightly panicked, sweaty Monkey who was just woken up by puke. Especially if you're a fan of zombie movies.


Syrlinus said...

One thing to help your immune system, especially if you're going to be flying is some Airborne (you should be able to get this at any pharmacy). As someone who travels a lot, I've used this stuff to help boost the ol' immune system when I felt like things might be going downhill health wise.

Have fun in Austin!

dolphyngyrl said...

I have the generic version and, yes, I've been using it! I also drink a couple of other things that tend to work pretty well for me. *fingers crossed*