Monday, September 26, 2011

Signs You Might Be Crazy - Running Edition

On Sunday I ran 16 miles. In a row. On purpose.

I didn't even stop when, around mile 13, I realized that my hamstrings were well and truly fucked.

There was a point after which it was harder and more painful to walk.

I hobbled the whole rest of the day, which, thankfully, never involved leaving the house.

I learned some things about my hydration packs that I'm not fond of and I may or may not post in more detail about that soon. What it boils down to, essentially, is a need for more water and less chafing.

You heard me.

That run was the last long run before this Sunday's Urban Cow Half Marathon. I'm pretty sure I can finish the half marathon. Without dying. I do, however, feel slightly panicked and like I'd really rather take it back and pretend that I never said I'd run this.

With one browser I'm refreshing the race's website as if there might be something new & enlightening to calm me down and with another browser I'm researching options for 50K's next spring.

As freaked out as I am about running the half marathon and then the marathon in December, why does the thought of running a 50K seem normal and perfectly doable? Maybe because next spring is so far away, surely I can cover that distance by then.


Of course, the speed I tend to run is probably way more suited to ultra runs than to shorter distance runs. Like that marathon. Because I'm slow, running for hours at a time is pretty status quo. No big deal.

Run for six hours? No big.

Maybe it's as simple as I'm completely batshit crazy.

And, yes. I am already looking at races for 2012.

Even though I'm totally freaked out about the three I have left for 2011.

PS: Run to Feed the Hungry: yes or no? Mind you that it's about ten days before That Marathon.


Syrlinus said...

Go you for the Half Marathon!!! You've done it already so now doing it with others where you can smirk at their nifty outfits! :D

Susan said...

50K?? seriously? oh geez woman!! and you know how I feel about the Run to Feed the Hungry.....always starts my Thanksgiving off in the right mood!