Friday, August 19, 2011

Poetry and Breakthroughs

Ever since* SweetPea and I attended Midtown Out Loud, I've been thinking about my word art (also known as "writing") and how I should go about getting back into that.


I made some rearrangements to my 16 pound purse (yes, really) was able to add the following:


Words have started swirling in my head and, on Wednesday, they finally burst forth in actual prose. As in poetry. Which is very strange because I haven't really written new poetry in, literally, years. Lots of years. So many years I should probably be ashamed.


And, yes, I totally blurred that shit out because I am just not ready to share. But maybe one day soon I'll be standing up there at Midtown Out Loud baring my soul for all to hear.


*Where, here, "ever since" means "for quite some time, accentuated by having been directly exposed".

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