Monday, June 27, 2011

Ramblings on a Theme

Friday was my very last day at my very first yoga studio in the Summer of Sweat Experiment. I will be posting reviews of the studio later this week. I will be breaking the review up into two parts, the first a stand-alone review of the studio and the second one more focused on my personal experience and thoughts. Since reviews tend to bring first timers in, I feel that it should be, as much as possible, readable as a solo piece. But I also want to share my personal reflections, including my reasons for wanting to stay, for deciding not to, and the personal "I'm kind of a freak" things I loved and didn't love about the experience.

I plan to take a few days off before starting my next Introductory Special Pass. Partly to get a break and some space before moving on to the next studio and partly to work on getting back to the other work outs that I've been slacking on for the last (way longer than) two weeks.

Like running.

I'm also hoping to work on my Super Secret Summer Fitness Goal*: swimming. Because I bought a bathing suit last year with the intention of using it in my gym's pool and, so far, the only water it's seen is the water in the washing machine.

Well then.

And because I just know you can't get enough of my fitness related babble, let's chat running, shall we?

Because I totally need a training plan. Which is not really that hard, right? There are tons of resources and sample training plans available, depending on what your goal is. It's super easy to piece together a training plan. But then I get hung up on stupid shit like routes and pace and also important shit like how the fuck do I make myself get out & do it? Because you know I kind of maybe have a track record for not being that great at following a training plan. What's worse is that I know myself well enough to be having a hard time figuring out how to make this happen.

I think the safest thing for me to do is sign on with a training program, but then we get into well, which one? and that's a whole other kettle of fish and don't you people know I'm indecisive?


So that's where we are.

*Apparently the Summer of Sweat wasn't enough, I had to add a Super Secret Summer Fitness Goal, too. But it's a secret.

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