Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Road Trip to Redemption

On Monday, SweetPea & I went on a very special road trip. We drove the final leg of one Doberman's trip to the Northern California Doberman Rescue. He'll be fixed, given some obedience training and, when he's ready, they'll find him his very own forever home. We are surely the smallest cog in the larger machine that brought him to safety, but it was still good to know we were able to help give this sweet, rambunctious dog a second chance at happily ever after.


Syrlinus said...

I'm surprised you didn't kidnap him. He looked like a big sweetie, even if rambunctious.

dolphyngyrl said...

He was a fantastic dog but we were specifically told we couldn't keep him. WineDog may have met me before. However, between Baxter & Scarlett (the red Doberman owned by the rescue's founder), I think SweetPea & I have fallen in love with Dobies & will probably be getting one when we get our next dog.