Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Updated 2011 Race Schedule

My Day: failed blood donor, mailed registration for 1st race of 2011!
What did you do today?

Besides being deferred from donating blood, again, I mailed off my registration for my very first race of 2011.

I'm kind of excited.

Remember when I posted that list of races I was looking at for 2011? Well, some things have changed a little bit.

Here's my up-to-date schedule of races I'd like to run in 2011:

TBF Racing & Fleet Feet Sports present the Sacramento Trail Run Series:

February 5th - Six Mile Challenge

February 19th - Eight Mile Challenge

March 5th - Ten Mile Challenge

March 26th - Half Marathon*

April 30th - American River Parkway Half Marathon

July 31st - Blood, Sweat & Beers, Long Run (10.4 Miles)

October 9th - Portland Marathon

October 29th & 30th - Merrell Down & Dirty Mud RunRight now I can't decide between the 5K Night Run and the regular 10K run the next day. How do you choose?

December 4th - California International Marathon

Fell off the schedule:

March 27th - River City Half Marathon - The website indicates that a change in parkway rules affected the date of this event, changing if from April 17th to March 27th. The new date is the day after the Trail Run Series Half Marathon, and I just can't see getting through 3/4's of a series just to jump ship for the last race. But I'm kind of sad to be missing this event.

There are a couple of other events that I'm looking at for this year, and this is not a whole or complete list of races I plan to complete this year. It is, though, definitely a list of races I'm very interested in completing.

And today I mailed off my registration for the Six Mile Challenge.


I have never run 6 miles.


Also? Did you notice October 9th? That's right. I'd be travelling to my very first marathon.

*That's right: my very first Half Marathon will be a trail run.

That crazy.


Syrlinus said...

So I have a question: Will you ever aspire to do the Boston or NYC marathons?

dolphyngyrl said...

I would love to do both, actually, but it probably won't be for a couple of years. As a Broke Ass State Worker, the thought of financing travel to either marathon for a family of four makes me a little sick to my stomach. I'm keeping my options open, but they're not on the priority list right now.

You? :)

Syrlinus said...

Nope. But K's mom has done both (along with a whole host of others including the Artic, Wall of China and most recently the Marathon in Marathon, Greece).

dolphyngyrl said...

Officially jealous. :)

Susan said...

did you get the race email I sent you? I didn't know if you got the Hanna emails.....and how come you were deferred? I seem to have a 50-50 chance of getting deferred for low iron.

dolphyngyrl said...

Susan: I got your email, I don't get Hanna emails (thanks!). I did get deferred for iron, which makes me 2 for 2 in deferrals. Maybe next time?