Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An Eats Report

Remember way back in the beginning of the school year when I talked about the trauma of trying to decide what to pack for the Monkeys for lunch?

Mostly we've settled into a wrap most of the week, and then sandwich thin sandwiches the other two days (the wraps we buy come in 6 packs). We start with spelt wheat tortillas, add a smear of Valencia Crunchy Peanut Butter with Flaxseeds, top with various fruit and roll into a burrito. Most commonly it's a banana, pomegranate seeds & (local) honey to make sealing of the wrap more effective.

This week, though, they're getting banana, blueberries, blackberries & pomegranate seeds:

Inside the Monkeys' lunch wraps this week...

Not to be left out of the fruity goodness, I packed in some blueberries & pomegranate seeds to add to my Vanilla Chobani:


Yes, I've kind of fallen off the non-dairy wagon. Cheese was the first to creep back, although, still, mostly in limited quantities. The occassional serving of musthaveicecream. And now yogurt for breakfast.


But I needed to concentrate more on my protein intake, and I'm kind of doing this as an experiment. Since the Chobani was on sale, I bought ten single serve tubs & we'll see what's what when those are gone. I am happy to report that Chobani contains real fruit & real sugar to flavor their yogurt, and it's just as good as regular yogurt. Possibly better. It's thicker, creamier and with less of that super-sweetness. Remember how yogurt used to be before everything started mimicing candy? Kind of like that.

Finally, in food news, I finally caved and bought something from Vitalicious. I've been avoiding the VitaTops that I see all over just about every dieting blog. Because, come on... Aren't they just a healthy version of the 100 Calorie Snack Packs? A Fake Food made in a factory?

Well, yes. They kind of are. But I really wanted an extra something in my lunch yesterday, and these really do have great numbers, plus they provide 50% of your daily iron requirement, which, clearly, I'm not getting. So I took the plunge.

Well of course I got the brownies.

Taste & satisfaction wise, these are very "meh". I would not count on them being able to satisfy a cravings for sweets. But it was a nice little addition to a low-calorie day and, apparently, with quite a Good-For-You kick.


Syrlinus said...

If you have a desire for ice cream, see if you can find coconut milk based ice cream. I've actually found it to taste better than regular. Look for a brand called "Purely Decadent" (and it truly is!).

dolphyngyrl said...

We went through a few boxes of "Toffuti Cuties" when they were on sale, but I haven't tried Purely Decadent, yet. I see it sitting there, mocking me, though. :) Usually I'm not a huge ice cream person, but sometimes you just gotta.