Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Fallback Position

Because I'm not sure what, exactly, I have to say right now, I'm going with my fallback position:

Have some photos!

Holy cow that's a huge chair!!
SweetPea would like to remind everyone that her birthday is coming up in May and she sure could use a new camping chair. I'm not entirely sure how anyone shorter than the Jolly Green Giant would manage to get into or out of this chair, but it looks like it might be fun trying!

I have socks for my Vibrams! Yay!!!
The single most expensive pair of socks I've ever purchased. Which is probably how you can tell I'm still a big old n00b in the sporting world. But I'm really excited to finally have a pair of socks I can wear with my Vibrams. Ok, or my flip flops. When it's not raining. In other words: I've managed to wear them in the house on the day I purchased them. The end.

Why are there random intersection balloons?
Some things I think I'm just not meant to understand.

This is possibly the hugest ring ever, shown here on my biggest finger. And it's loose. Fortunately this wasn't an expensive purchase. I will most likely be plucking the stone from the setting to see what I can create with it. I'm kind of sad to be losing the Big Ass Ring, even though it's not like I really wore it that often.

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Susan said...

Honey....I shrunk my wife!!!