Monday, December 06, 2010

The Sampler Special

After reading this article on how to burn fat and not sugar on a long run, I decided to get my hands on some nuun* so that I could try it out. Plus I'm finally in that magic place where I'm working out enough that it's reasonable to start trying out different methods of hydration & nutrition to see what works best for me**.

I ended up laying in bed at something after 6am on Sunday morning, wondering if it was possible that any running stores were open. Deciding the answer was assuredly "no", I went about my Sunday morning business of getting groceries.

A new pretty from my favorite @starbucks

And a fancy new pretty thanks to the 12 Days of Starbucks Sharing.

I was pretty impressed with how quickly I got all my errands run, considering that I had more stops than usual. I realized when I was done that, if I was quick like a bunny, I could have unloaded everything & made it to the first class of my Long Sunday Workout.

Unfortunately I'm slow like a fat girl and not quick like a bunny. Also, my quads had already decided that I was done for the week and I was just not ready to disobey and hit it, anyway.

Instead, I unloaded everything and headed out to REI.

I love REI.



In fact, it occurred to me when I arrived that a membership to REI would probably have been a great Christmas present for me.

Because I'm a dork.

REI Spoils #1

I got my nuun and some gel shots that I haven't tried yet. I usually have one between X-Bike and Group Strength Training on Sundays. I feel like I could use another one between Group Strength Training and yoga, but I usually don't have another one.

REI Spoils #2

Merry Christmas to me! Yes, I bought myself a membership. It was only $20.

In other news, things have been surprisingly quiet over at the Drama Household. Missus Drama and the Drama Son are still gone. Mister Drama seems to have moved in a woman and two or three men. Between them they have three vehicles. One runs. Consistently. I'm pretty grateful that the Drama House has not turned into a drug den like it did the last time Missus Drama was Splitsville. And it even warmed my evil little heart to come home one evening to find Mister Drama hanging on his front porch with his buddies, laughing. Genuinely. Soberly. Having a good time.

One of his buddies spent a lot of time working on this car over the weekend.

His had a trailer hitch. I know, right?

Way back in high school I dated a guy who drove a car very similar to this one. Except that his had a tow hitch.

I know, right?

That's all I've got for today. Unless you really want me to blog about food. Nonstop. Because I can.

I didn't think so.

*Riddle me this, if the tabs are for 16 ounces of water, why are their branded water bottles not 16 ounces?

**That's my story & I'm sticking to it!

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