Friday, December 03, 2010

Random Friday Fuckery


This is what I did while trying to recover my grocery store breakfast freak out. These are the cutest little teensy cans... Taller & skinnier than the shorty 6 ouncers. CA-YOOT! Too bad they're chock full of crap I don't want to drink (aspertame or high fructose corn syrup).


A magic alarm clock appeared yesterday. The one we'd had for years has been on the fritz for... Well, over a year, really. One thing or another was jacked up about it. I didn't even ask SweetPea, but I think after she caught me cursing at it & trying to strangle it, she figured it was high time we had a replacement. You may not know this, but I set not only an alarm clock, but three separate alarms on my cell phone. Some days it is that hard to wake up.

I'd love to tell you how great this new alarm clock works, but the truth is I managed to wake up "naturally" exactly 12 minutes before the damn thing was set to go off. A pretty nifty feat, considering how early it's set.

I was SO HAPPY to remember I brought soy cheese!

This was my lunch today after hitting the lunchtime half hour of X-Bike at CalFit. According to the website, X-Bike burns 1,000 calories per hour, so my 30 minutes of sweat burned 500 calories. This veggie burrito with the soy pepper jack "cheese" clocked in at 390 calories. Score for deficit! Even better, if I'm careful the rest of the night, I should have a 1,000 calorie deficit over "maintenance" calories plus 1,000 calories burned through exercise. And, don't worry, I'd still be at my baseline "goal" calories and over the minimum recommended calories.

I have a lot more to write about food addictions and emotional eating and how the two feed each other. I just don't have it in me today. I thought I did. Well, maybe I did. And then I worked out and then worked out again and worked and commuted and now I'm just tired and so thankful it's Friday and that the Date Night we have planned involves sushi at home, books and early bedtime.


PS: Totally unrelated: if you've ever wondered what the big deal was about Marriage Equality, why we care and why we fight, read this and this. If you already get it, read it anyway. This is why we wont' stop fighting until we have full Marriage Equality.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

PPS: Also totally unrelated: we at The Verbosery are really big fans of the WineDog, as you may know. She's in the middle of a monthlong fund drive to support her ride in the 10th Anniversary AIDS Lifecycle. Next June, she will spend seven days bicycling 545 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Please donate. Please spread the word. And please follow her blog this month as she shares the reasons she's chosen to ride. I've already cried, and y'all should know I'm not big on crying.


Syrlinus said...

I really wish that sugar would make a return to soda and that we could get back to simpler sodas for a nicer alternative sweet treat (which is what they should be). I could do without the HFCS and/or aspertame.

And I had contemplated the AIDS ride but the $3000 raising requirement scares me. I don't know if I could raise that kind of cash.

Wine Dog said...

Syrlinus, the way I looked at it, if I could get 300 people to give me $10 I would make it. Or 150 to give $20. You have the contacts to do it, but you're also welcome to support my ride in the alternative! :-) said...

i try not to drink too much diet soda!! emotional eating is a big subject just ask me ;-) lovely blog!!

dolphyngyrl said...

SyrLinus, don't you know, like, a bazillion people? And it's not like you don't have time... :) Right? Hi! Welcome to the freak show. :) We'll try to be gentle.