Friday, December 10, 2010

Random Friday Fuckery - With Pictures!

I was checking CNN this morning to see if they'd found these boys, yet, and I ran across an article about a new "diet pill" that has passed one of the hurdles towards FDA approval.

To be honest, I was reading it so that I could snark about it. Let's face it, most of the diet pills that have come out have been less than awesome. Personally I don't want something that is going to change the way my body processes what I eat, or cause me to have greasy sharts if I overeat, or any of the other side affects or dangers of the diet pills that have come out in the recent past. I don't need a gimmick. Truly. I don't need your fake silver bullet. I know what I need to do and I'm learning about the problems I have that are preventing me from doing it, and, more over, I'm learning how to deal with those problems so that I can keep on the right track.


This new medication doesn't change the way your body processes food, or amp up your energy or "turn off" your appetite.

What it does, basically, is a double whammy of affecting the brain's opioid receptors and increasing the level of dopamine in the brain. What that should mean is that the *high* of eating foods with addictive qualities will be dampened, and your brain will have increased levels of dopamine, the "feel good" chemical, meaning your brain won't feel as compelled to seek this out in food.

Now, of course, all I know about it right now is what I read in this article. I don't know if it will get approved. I don't know if it will really do what they think it's going to.

But just the description of it sounds like it might be something that could work to support you as you work towards a healthier life. Like water wings that help you tread water when the addiction tries to swallow you whole.

And, unlike the drugs that work with the way your body processes food, you would still have to do the work of exercising and eating right in order to lose weight.


Like I said, all I know about it is what was in the article, but I will be interested to see its progress and what happens after release.

In other news, we stopped at Round Table last night & I got this:

I want to eat the WHOLE THING!

It's a Tomato Basil Artisan Flatbread pizza - individual size - and I can not find nutrition information for it, but it was so so good! I ate half & a plate from the salad bar. So. Much. Yum.

Does she look like she needs a skateboard? Just me?

And here is my wee little MonkeyDo. In a beanie. With her pizza folded in half, which she was using, largely, as a scoop for ranch dressing and not much more. Does anyone else get the feeling that she's short a skateboard?


Oh, the Drama household! A U-Haul showed up the other day and has been parked in the driveway. My luck is not so good that someone is moving out, so I imagine the truck is there to move someone in. This morning, shortly after 3am, I kept hearing strange noises. It was unusual enough that I ventured out of bed to investigate, eventually opening the front door to discover that the U-Haul was being unloaded or loaded.

At 3am.

Now... My initial reaction is that something is wrong, and by "wrong" I mean "Hello, meth-heads". But I have to say that it is not unusual for me to up, packing and loading before a camping trip at buttcrack o'clock, fueled by nothing more than Dr. Pepper, piss & vinegar. So I guess I can't assume that anything untoward is going on. It could simply be the time they have to do it.

Or whatever.

But when I got into the car to leave at about ten to seven, the house was dark again and the front of the house was lined with boxes.

I know, I know that's not exactly bizarre when someone's in the process of moving, but it really did just look bizarre. Maybe it's the history of the house & family coloring my judgement.

Anywho, I was so thoughtful & took a picture so that you can all enjoy the bizarreness with me.

Wasn't that nice?

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