Thursday, December 09, 2010

List Blogs Should Be Shorter

1. Tuesday night, SweetPea, the Monkeys & I attended a test screening of a film coming out next summer. I have never done anything like that & it was a ton of fun. The movie was not finished, and we were told that we were one of the first audiences to see it. It was really need seeing the flick in its "rough" format, getting a peak into how they're created. The directors and producers were there (yes, they're just like regular folks). The audience cheered & applauded when we were told what we'd be seeing and again at the end of the movie. We filled out a survey about the movie (a tip: seriously? Gel pens work so much better when you don't have any hard backing to write on). It was a really great experience and I'm so glad we got to do it, even though we ended up being out late.

2. My coccyx is jacked up. I don't think it's broken or fractured or anything like that. I'm sure it's just a factor of it bearing so much weight, plus yoga and X-Bike and all the sitting I do. It sucks and I wish it would quit hurting. Checking with Dr. Google reveals that there may not be a lot that I can do about this, since stopping is assuredly out of the question. The best I may be able to hope for is that it calms down as I lose weight.

3. I signed up for a MyPlate account at WineDog's suggestion. It allows me to track what I've eaten and the workouts I've done. I did the online calorie tracking thing before with FitDay, and the thought of logging foods gave me a serious case of the heaves. But the MyPlate site is so loaded with foods, brands, restaurants that it's ridiculously easy to track what I'm eating. Even stupid shit I do like going to Taco Bell and ordering a taco with beans... It's totally already there! The only things I have to input are meals I make at home, but it's super easy to create a recipe or a meal and all the parts are already there. Then it saves it for you so you don't have to enter it again. My 220 calorie breakfast sandwich is saved & I just have to click it every day when I have it.

I do have a problem with the fitness categories containing so much and, yet, so little. I end up manually entering the classes I do at California Family Fitness based on the calories burned listed in the class description. Which, I've noted, is different for yoga than the MyPlate site lists. Really? I don't get that. The other problem I have is that I've noticed my "calorie goal" will change, seemingly arbitrarily. My goal hasn't changed, neither has my height, age or activity level. My weight has gone down (yay!), but that's the only difference, and should not drive my calorie goal up, which is what happened. Weirdness. The calorie report figures in the calories you burn through exercise, upping your alotment of "goal" calories and then figuring your "net" calories.

I am super proud of myself for consistently tracking what I've been eating. I try to stay near my "calorie goal", regardless of whether I exercise. My "calorie goal" is 1,000 calories less per day than "maintenance" would be, which creates a 7,000 calorie deficit per week. 3,500 calories = a pound, so a 7,000 calorie deficit should be a two pound loss per week. I figure that any additional deficit created through exercise can't be a bad thing, right?

Yes, right. Shutup.

4. On that note, December 4th was my final weigh in for the Body Fit Challenge and I clocked in at 262.5. For referrence:

Highest weight: 288

Start of BFC: 270*

First weekly BFC weigh in: 272**

November 18, 2010 Doctor's office weight: 265.7

I'm taking that as a personal win, because the time between this weigh in and my last (at the doctor's office) included Thanksgiving and the outrageous addiction eating that occurred then. So, I know being down is a great thing, but then I feel like I should be down more and like I work so hard, why isn't it showing more and, you know what? I wish that part of my brain would just shut the fuck up. Because I know I know and I know some more and beating myself up is not even kind of helping any damn thing.


5. Finally today, because I appear to be plagued by the Don't Wannas, Deb suggested this song for me. I love it!

*Artificially low because I'd just finished the Hot Pink 5K & hadn't eaten anything.

**Much closer to my real starting weight.

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