Thursday, November 04, 2010

Day Four

Today we wrapped up the most life-eating portion of The Project That Ate My Life. We'll still be putting in some time here & there, and, in a few more months, it might rise back up and swallow my life again. For now, though, Monday brings me mostly back to normal, at least at work. Whatever passes for normal, anyway.

Aw, come on. You didn't think I cultivated normalcy, did you?

Of course not.

The Project has certainly been interesting. I've gotten the chance to meet and work with some great people. I've worked on Projects like this before, but I've felt more confident in the progression of this Project. I've used my voice and I've used our power to escalate things we object to and it was awesome. I'm hopeful about the final outcome of all our work, even though I believe it will be a few years before it's finally wrapped up.

I'm glad to be getting back to regular work life, though. I mean, it is my actual job & all, and I enjoy doing it, and there's a reason I have THIS job and not some other project doing job. It's fun to dabble in and learn about other things, but, at the end of the day, I have the job I want to be working right now. This other stuff is just extras.


Regarding yesterday's post, I know I really should stay away from the whole topic when my period is starting. Really. I think I'll reassess next week after I'm done with my cycle. And then I'll see what needs to happen to get my head back around to the right place again. Until then, I'm doing my best not to wallow.

Too much.

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