Monday, November 08, 2010

Day Eight

I should not still be awake.

After the Body Fit Challenge workout tonight, I did an hour of yoga.

It felt really good to be getting back into that groove.

I plan to do Double Yoga Tuesday.

I cannot seem to find a calorie tracking system that isn't painful or is mobile web friendly. I don't have an iPod/iPad or a Blackberry and I don't eat all my meals in front of the computer. Surprisingly.

I'm frustrated.


Syrlinus said...

You mean for caloric intake, right? I use the Body Bugg to determine what went out (burned as well as sleeping habit) but I record my daily there.

For recording calories/meals, you need that extra special device. It's called a dollar store small spiral notepad (the ones that can fit into the palm of your hand). And a pen (don't use pencil because it's too easy to change).

Just record what you ate during the day and in the evening or when you blog, get the calories for those meals (as close as you can estimate). That's how I did when I did Body for Life back in early 2000 and there wasn't anything online to do it (except the occasional Excel spreadsheet).

Susan said...

hey....I have an 8330 Blackberry I would be happy to hand down. it is a Verizon. I haven't found one I like either....but I am not really looking! lol! I agree with the spiral notebook (though I prefer mini comp books or Moleskin books. word verification is "cardi".....think it might be a hint? lol!