Thursday, October 07, 2010

Nothing To Say

I haven't really had a lot to say lately.

Not that there hasn't been anything going on.

Some of it I can't blog about.

Some of it I don't want to blog about.

And sometimes, well. Pisces just needs to be quiet.

I apologize if you've been missing me and wondering what's been going on.

We have both vans back and no rentals.

MonkeySee turned 15 yesterday. We had an awesome party over the weekend that went from what I thought was going to be three hours and turned into a six hour funfest of arcades, mini golf, lazer tag and race cars. It was a great time and we had a lot of fun and of course it's always a good time when everyone gets together.

I has a jackpot! And maybe a problem involving tickets.
I maybe have a problem with tickets. Hey, I got the jackpot on this game! 63 was the number of tickets I was still owed when the machine ran out of tickets. Damn right.

Ghostly Monkeys
Can you believe he's 15? I can hardly believe I'm old enough to own a 15 year old. How did that happen?

Saturday I run the Hot Pink 5K and directly afterwards I check in for my weigh in & measurements for the beginning of the Body Fit Challenge. At work, Monday begins the For Reals portion of what has been affectionately dubbed The Project That Ate My Life. This portion will eat most of my work hours whole for the entire month of October. And then I close out the month with the Down & Dirty Mud Run.



October is fixing to hand me my ass in a serious way.

I'm kind of scared.


I may not have a lot to say this month, but I'll try to continue checking in as much as possible. Maybe I'll preschedule content. Maybe I'll post on the fly. We'll see how it goes.

Look how cute & wee!
But I'll have fabulous nails!

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Susan said...

happy bday to J! 15.....gosh, that is scary. almost driving age scary! didn't know you were doing the down and dirty run too! we were going to do it as a teambuilding event but people starting flaking and now no one is doing it. good luck with the races and body fit challenge! hope you post some progress shots!