Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Slacker! But Mostly Just at Updating

I know, I know. I've been awful at updating this blog.

I have updated the Scale Check chart over there on the left, if you're interested. It's not pretty.

I've had a hard couple of weeks when it comes to doing my workouts and staying on track nutritionally. The week I posted a 4 pound gain was, obviously, the worst, and I've been steadily improving since then. Still not perfect, but I'm getting closer to fine.

Even my 5K training has been sucking lately. Too much putting it off, not getting it done when I should. I should be doing it at the buttcrack of morning, but as it gets darker & darker at asscrack o'clock, I find myself more & more hesitant to head out. Usually I tell myself I'll do it in the evening, but that's family time. Or yoga time. And it's so much easier to talk myself out of it. I don't want to start treadmill running, it's still way too warm for lunchtime runs. I ran the track at the junior college last week, but it's not open quite asscracky enough for me. Plus school starts soon, which means I have to drive MonkeySee to school every weekday morning. Which, now that I think about it, might be kind of convenient because the track is on the way. Maybe we can leave earlier and hit the track before I drop him off.

Anyway! My point being that I really need to figure out how to fit running in during the week in a way that doesn't make me super paranoid (running around the 'hood), interfere with other obligations or make me feel like a hamster.

I am open to suggestions, but if you think I can find a running partner for a 4:30am run, I think you might be mistaken.

In other news, I run my very first 5K this Saturday! The closer we get the more nervous and less excited I get. My training hasn't exactly been great and I seem to have pissed off my right hip along the way. I've been resting & icing & yogaing and it seems to be feeling a little more over it. I guess I'll know for sure when I run the track tonight. I've already decided that, unless it drops me on my ass, I'm running Saturday regardless.

I've been thinking, though, about what I should do after this. I thought about moving into half marathon training. I think, though, the best thing I can do right now is to restart the Podrunner Intervals at Week Six, the first week I truly started assing around with it, and continue through the end of the program. Once I'm done with that, I want to find a training program for running a stronger, faster 5K.

As much as I really want to move forward into running longer distances, I think I need to slow down and make learning fundamentals and building a solid base priority. I've got plenty of time to increase my distance.

I plan to add swimming at least one day per week. I'm not quite sure which day that will be & have still never got in the pool at my gym. But it's a goal. A short term goal, no less.

I'm still hitting yoga at least four times per week, and I finally ordered my very own yoga mats! Yoga Accessories had a buy one get one free special, so I got two mats, a mat bag and a small bottle of mat cleaner. Exciting! And I'm a dork! I've got one mat in the bag that I plan on leaving in the van, so it's always at the ready.

YAY for!!

And that's the update. More to come soon!

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