Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Fatty & I are trying to eavesdrop on neighbor drama. Can't hear!!

SuperFat kept me company last night as I attempted to eavesdrop on some drama going down across the street. You remember that house across the street?

It seems that Missus Drama and the Drama Son have moved out, leaving Mister Drama all alone in the house.

I know what you might be thinking.

The biggest problems we've had in the recent past have been caused by the Drama Son. So this should be most excellent news, right?



You see, the last time Mister Drama was alone in the house, it kind of turned into a drug house.

Complete with video surveillance and gang activity.

I don't even think this blog was around back then. It was kind of a dark time for the neighborhood.

The Good Neighbors, who lived next door, took on full time surveillance activity. Mrs. Good Neighbor did her level best to photograph every vehicle that parked at that house.

It was a long few months and the only reason it finally ended was Missus Drama moved back home. She descended on that house like a screaming harpy and drove every last jackass from the house.

The neighborhood nerves were still kind of shot and it took a few more months before things really felt normal.

And now Missus Drama is gone again.

This morning at 4am, Mister Drama's car was gone. It was back at 5am. Now, he's a mechanic, and works normal, daytime mechanic hours. So he wasn't gone at the asscrack of dawn to work or workout. Which says to my suspicious mind that he's back on the dope.


I may need bail money sometime in the next few months.

I expect y'all to help a girl out.


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