Thursday, August 05, 2010

It's Time to Party

After yesterday's court victory, there was a street party downtown to celebrate. Because we went to so many protests and rallies after Proposition 8 passed, we felt it was important to get in on the celebration.

We packed up the Monkeys and headed downtown.

The crowd was smaller than you'd expect. Less than one quarter of a typical rally or protest crowd. But that's ok. We were together and we were noisy and we were joyful.

Because my brain works in mysterious ways, I remembered this guy right away:

He was at the Take it to Sacramento rally way back in November 2008, with his ears still taped up:

Of course I have the hardest time with the names & faces of people. Dogs? Dogs are a different story.

I'll have a more detailed write up of yesterday's decision and what it means later today.

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