Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weekend Wrapup - With Pictures!

My poor wife.

It seems like every day I'm off work, she only gets a few blissful hours of sleep before I come bouncing into the bedroom with one hair brained scheme or another.

I was off work Friday and I headed off bright & early to bum around at Panera, have some breakfast and hog up their wifi.

On the drive there, I saw some signs complete with balloons, and then when I got to Panera, these were sitting on each table:

Yes. I waited a decent amount of time, until I couldn't stand it anymore and then I flew home to go bouncing into our bedroom with "Blood drive, Baby! Blood drive! Come on, let's go!*"

Let me tell you: it was crowded. When we finally got to the first step of the intake process, we found out the average wait time was about three hours! SweetPea & I shrugged at each other. We figured we could wait it out as long as we could. I ended up being deferred on the last leg of intake for not having a high enough iron level. I'm actually within the normal range for a woman, but two points shy for giving blood. SweetPea, of course, was plenty acceptable for giving blood, and we did end up being there close to three hours so that she could give up a pint. In exchange we each got a cool tshirt, a free pass to the State Fair and a coupon for a free pint of ice cream.

After this, we spent the afternoon at Grandfather's, where we had lunch and then I had a short nap to prepare for the evening festivities: Shakespeare in the Park! OK, so technically it's now called the Sacramento Shakespeare Festival, but the point is that it's held in William Land Park, which, of course, makes it totally awesome.

Gates open early and many people picnic and visit while waiting for the show to start. The show starts when there's still some daylight left, but it gets dark - and cold! - quickly. It can get pretty sucktastic when it's very hot, but Saturday night was relatively mild and once the sun dropped so did the temperature. The performance (Othello) was really well done. Wait. Let me rephrase that. The performance was really well done. The show we caught last year (Robin Hood) was good but not great and this one really was great. If you're local, you really want to catch Othello** before it ends.

We're actually going back next weekend to catch Midsummer Night's Dream for the special anniversary performance. The Sacramento Shakespeare Festival is celebrating 25 years on Sunday, July 18th, and they're having a special celebration. I can't wait!

Saturday morning we both slept in and then went for breakfast. IHOP not being my preferred choice, but that's ok.

I just really prefer country potatoes or "potatoes O'Brien" to shredded, burned hash potatoes.

But I totally sucked down an entire carafe of coffee. And then started a second.

I actually verified they had non-dairy creamer before I even ordered the coffee. I just can't deal with half & half anymore. Yech.

Saturday night was Second Saturday and the opening of the annual Trash Film Orgy. What better way to celebrate than trying to break the world record Zombie Walk.

Ha ha ha!
This is as close as we got to the "action". Holy cow, though, the parking lot was just a sea of zombies! We cruised through downtown and saw quite a few zombies mixed in with the Second Saturday crowd. It was pretty awesome, actually. Maybe next year we'll plan ahead and dress up!

I probably should have slept in again on Sunday, but, instead, I was up early, running errands. Grocery shopping is so much fun when it involves three separate stores (NOT!). That's three separate chances to forget something. I hit two stores a second time later. Honestly, neither time was it specifically to pick up what I forgot earlier. But I did that, too.

When I finally slowed down around lunchtime, I decided that Barnahbus needed a cleaning. After all, we'd had several family day trips and mini trips since her last cleaning and it was getting ugly. Not just the clutter & mess inside, but outside was just crazy dirty.

I mean... I own a blue van, not a brown one!

Do you have any idea how many bugs have been caked on the front end since driving to The City for Dyke March?

Whew! So much better! Inside & out, she's clean, clean! One of these days, though, I really want to get her detailed at one of those detail places. Especially if they can clean her upholstery, too.

I hella took a nap after this. It was so hot and probably not the best timing, considering how labor intensive it is to get everything out & organized, vaccuum and then wash it. I was tired!

Wow. Now that's a weekend. Add in some movies, some chores and some intervals, and that's a damn fine weekend.

My life RULES.


**Time Warp: costumes in Othello were flapper women, the soldiers were in Civil War uniforms and the non-soldiers looked like 1940's detectives. What? It was cool, but weird.

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