Thursday, July 01, 2010

Sweet Meat

In the further adventures of Why Can't My Neighbors Fix Their Fucking Cats:

She was sopping wet from dog baths. Because my dog is too stupid to know about this "prey" thing that some dogs consider creatures this teensy. We returned her last night. And again this morning.


If you can't fix your cats can you at least fucking keep them indoors?

I'm pretty sure the next kittens that end up in our yard will be going to a shelter or a rescue. Not that I feel good about wasting precious resources on our irresponsible neighbors, but I kind of feel like bringing the kittens back is rewarding them for being douchebags.

Or we're just getting a dog that will eat them. Either way.

I met SweetPea for lunch yesterday and had another Insane Waffle.


Yes, so it's really good. But I was left with a tummy ache. I think it's officially become a split-plate meal. I can't deal with it myself.

But it's so so so good.

Tomorrow I put the third week of Podrunner Intervals "First Day to 5K" to bed. Closing out the first trimester. It makes me excited. Really.

I've registered for a 5K the Saturday of the final week.

I'm excited.

Finally today we have something that, trust me, burns your retinas in person.


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