Friday, July 02, 2010

Holy Trimester, Batman!

Podrunner Intervals, Week Three, Day Three looks like this: 3.56km, 27:29 minutes, pace average 7:44 minutes per km.

Last night's 7pm yoga kicked my ass with style. The 7pm classes seem a little more advanced than the classes I usually take. Or maybe it's just that I'm not used to the routines. Whatever. I liked it. I'll be back.

Tonight I've got 5:30pm yoga on the schedule with a new-to-me instructor. Can't wait to see what she'll have in store for me.

I checked the Podrunner website this morning and founds the Intervals sessions BPM charts. I discovered that I've only got 5 more sessions before I hit the 20 minute continous run. I'm excited and nervous!

I've got a whole list of fitness classes on my calendar for my days off. I'm not sure how many of them I'll hit, but I'll keep you posted. Also Week Four starts Sunday! Excited!

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