Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A Running Rant that's Not About Running

The latest copy of Runner's World magazine came today.

This is my favorite ad:

Is running and yoga the new bi? Because I can surely get on that bus. Have I mentioned how much I love yoga? No? Ha.

We also got a special insert about why we should subscribe to Women's Health, too.

Ooh, "Flat Belly Foods"? Really? Do people still believe that shit? Also? I'd really like to know why workouts for women are so obsessed with legs & ass. I'd really like to have nice looking arms, shoulders and back, too. Is that so weird?

Am I the only one not turning to a fitness magazine for information on how to get & keep a man in bed? Is it so much to ask that a fitness magazine be about, oh, I don't know... Fitness?

And the pissed-me-off-de-grace.... "Attention Runner's World Subscribers: Pass along this special offer to the woman in your life"


I forgot the part where I grew a penis. Did I not get that notice? Because I bet running would be so much easier without the Double-D tits.

PS to Women's Health: This is why I don't subscribe to your mag (or your email newsletters)(anymore).

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