Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good morning, Tuesday!

Yesterday: Podrunner Intervals, Week Three, Day One looks like this: 3.30km, 26:12 minutes, pace average 7:57 minutes per km.

Today: Tuesday Morning Yoga, (hopefully) Tuesday Afternoon Yoga

Weigh in: 276, down two pounds since last week.

Which is not surprising, because I did slack off. I only got to yoga once and I wasn't as strict on the eating as I should have been. I can think of a couple of glaring examples.

I'm grateful there was still a loss, even if I'd rather it was four pounds and not just two. Two is better than none and far superior to a gain.

I've had tons of things working in my mind to write about, but little time to get down to writing. Hopefully I'll have a couple of meaty posts for you soon.

This week is for week three of intervals & back to yoga, hopefully four times.

Next week I'm off a couple of days, and I'm already imagining the fun workout classes I can take with my free time.

Does this mean I've finally turned to The Dark Side?


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