Sunday, June 27, 2010

Don't Be a Noid!

Ah but this moon vexed me last week. I hear there was a partial eclipse of the full moon yesterday. I don't know if that's true or how much it contributed, but I spent most of the week keyed up and agitated.

My week was filled with last minute meetings and Drop Everything to Do THIS assignments and I was filled with frustration and irritation, even as I dove in with relish. Because I really do enjoy the rush of the last minute, urgent scramble. The juggling of priorities.

I took the Franklin Covey time management training a few years back. They talk about priorities in terms of quadrants, each quadrant being a combination of urgent and important. Quadrant One was both urgent and important. These were the items with the highest priority and the ones you should try to avoid ending up with. Their suggestion was to keep your to do list in the "important" quadrant so as to avoid ending up in Quadrant One.

Well, I figured out in short order that if it wasn't Quadrant One, I didn't really care. So I genuinely enjoy weeks like this, when someone yells "Surprise!" and throw a bunch of balls at me. I enjoy it and I'm good at it.

So it was weird and frustrating to find myself so agitated at every turn. Grouchy and snappy. And then I would sit in a meeting and enjoy the crap out of it. Why be annoyed? It's truly my kind of fun.

Silly moon.

Go mind your business elsewhere.

Did the crazy moon affect your week? How?

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Laura said...

YES! Rehearsal was a bitch! Jes has been cranky. Other actors were cranky. And I was picking up on their moods and it was making ME uber-bitchy. Blech.