Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Directionally Paired

I think yesterday's post was maybe a touch melodramatic.

I've always had kind of a love-hate relationship with Pride. I've always felt somehow lacking when it comes to queer friendships. And it is what it is.

Right now, with the things that SweetPea and I have been dealing with in the last few months, I feel like we're exactly where we need to be. What we need will come, when it's right.

It's just strange and a little disheartening to see cheeks that used to be "claimed" before every outing and not even feel comfortable enough to approach with a "Hi, how are you?" And maybe that's my issue.

For right now my life is about working on me, working on us and enjoying the crap out of what we have. Even when what we have feels so much like holes in the picture.

Because the truly awesome thing about holes is that you get to fill them back in any way you see fit. Which is an awesome way to keep "working on me" and "working on us" moving forwards and not backwards.

And forward is truly the right direction.

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D.Suplicki said...

I didn't find your previous post melodramatic, but I'm glad you're feeling fairly positive today.

The last paragraph, about the holes, is particularly awesome. I think I'm going to steal that an put it in my art journal to look at when I'm bummed. Hope you aren't opposed. :)