Friday, May 14, 2010

She Doesn't Fit in my Purse

I think I'm becoming one of THOSE dog owners.

For example, this morning we'll be headed to the pet store to get some dog sunblock.

And I want to get her a pair of Doggles. While her primary "accessory" color has been pink, I'll probably get the darker Doggles so that they provide more protection from the bright & glare. I mean, if you've evr had pink sunglasses (and, yes, I have)(really, are you surprised?), you understand how they just aren't as good for bright sunshine as darker sunglasses, even if they provide the proper UVA/UVB protection.
Right? Right.

And I've been thinking about putting her on a raw food diet, but I've seen conflicting information on how to do that and I'm kind of concerned about getting it wrong. Also, is it like Atkins where it's all or nothing, or could I raw food some days and kibble other days? How do I find a good butcher that isn't just repackaging factory butchered meat? Do they even exist anymore?

Of course there's always SweetPea's insistence on dressing her. I just wish she'd buy her dresses in the right size so Gomi doesn't look so much like a street walker. She is getting a teeshirt for the ill-advised 5k I signed us up for. I also want to get her a shirt from the Bad Rap Gift Shop.

Ohgod I am dressing my dog.

I'm sure I should be ashamed.

Good thing she doesn't seem to be.

What do you do for your dog that is almost too embarassing to admit?

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loki's Dad said...

I just bought Loki a 12.95 30" bull pizzle, If for no reason, I'm imagining the bull with a 30" pizzle. Tomorrow I"m expecting massive amusement watching his highness try to chew 30" of dried pizzle. Pics to follow.