Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mental Notes


Where were we?

To backtrack a tick, when I mentioned pining for space, it is not so much a storefront that I'm looking for. Ideally what I'd like is more like a studio space. Something with space for nitpicky work with sparkles, kitchen space for working with body products, open space for visual arts, officy space for business work, packing and shipping, and then maybe a smallish space for holistic healing work. The thought of operating a standard edition retail sales spaces quite frankly makes me feel claustrophobic.

And then, of course, I end up at a workshop that makes me feel actually jazzed about doing this job I do and about working towards making it work better across the board for everyone who does it. It's exciting to feel like you're part of something bigger and part of making something so big and so important better.

Today there was an article on etsy about Possum Living and I know this is probably old news to some of you, but I think it's interesting and definitely speaks to what I'd like my life to look like. Not completely. But parts. Obviously parts of this wouldn't work for me. Other parts surely would work. Right?

As part of the timekeeping aspect of my job, we get a sheet each month that tracks our leave time and this little number, which is referred to as "months of service":

Certainly feels like service!

That number is a couple of months old. It still makes me feel tired.

Remember back when I had a couple of procedures that I promised to tell you about "later"? My six month follow up is overdue, so maybe it's finally time for me to share the story with you? I'll work on that and get it up soon.

I'll also start working on the adventure of SweetPea's teeth soon. I thought I'd wait until she was totally finished so as not to jinx that.

In the meantime, look! Fuchsia! These are not the ones I bought last year. I bought some new ones from Raley's over the weekend. I love how thick, thick their skirts are. And they've just exploded with buds and blooms since I've brought them home.

So happy!

Hey! Last thing. Promise!

Remember how I was afraid of taking Mixed Levels Yoga because ohmygawd I'd die? Monday night I took the class at the gym by my house and it was totally awesome! I even did all of it without hurting myself or falling over. I rule!

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