Monday, April 12, 2010

Dear Citrus Heights

This is a snapshot of the road that takes me from my house to the nearest grocery store and what was my preferred WalMart and Starbucks.

From the first red square to the last red square is a distance of approximately half of one mile.

Each red square is an intersection with a stop light. Please note that the size of each square has no meaning, other than I have no skillz at freehand square making.

To clarify:

One half mile. Five stoplights.

In case you were wondering, these stoplights don't appear to timed in any rational way, shape or form. If you catch one green light, it doesn't make you any more likely to catch the next light while it's green.

In order to get to my preferred WalMart or Starbucks, I have to cross entirely through this clusterfuck, and it's about a quarter of my total trip. Still, there's only two more stoplights other than these in my whole trip.

To get to the grocery store nearest my house (Raley's), I have to drive through four of these lights.

I have found myself going deliberately out of my way to avoid this clusterfuck.

Translated: I have found myself spending most of my money in Roseville and Carmichael.

Not Citrus Heights.

You might consider doing something about this, before the rest of these shops go belly up.

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