Friday, April 23, 2010

But I Said No, No, No

I don't know how I missed this, but did you see about the study that equates eating fatty foods to cocaine in addiction-like qualities?

Which, totally, I could have told you. Although it's hard to know this and not still feel like there's something wrong with you because sometimes all you can think about is cookies or zingers and doesn't that just make you fat or gluttonous or willpowerless? And it's kind of embarrassing. It's hard to make people understand why this feels so much to me like I need a rehab program for food.

Of course, knowing this doesn't give me a magic answer as to how I can fix this in my head. But it does give me justification that this insanity really is going on in my head and it doesn't necessarily make me a bad person.

In other news, I've ordered some random prints and I think I might be having a giveaway soon. I'll let you know late next week, probably.

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