Monday, March 15, 2010

Noggin News

As you can see from Saturday's post, MonkeyDo is officially bald. Her shave day was Saturday and, even though it was Crazy Town busy at the event, we managed to get in, get registered and get her shorn in just about record time.

Can you see the glow in that grin? She was just about as happy as happy gets and I think that she really does like this 'do. Who knows, maybe she'll keep it around for awhile.

Her dad's taken to calling her Ripley.

But what about O'Neil?

In other Noggin News, I had a sebaceous cyst removed on Friday. It had been hanging around on my scalp, covered up by my hair, for a couple of years, and I finally decided it was time for it to go.

It seemed like such a great idea when I called to make the appointment, but, somehow, laying there on the exam table getting loaded up with lidocaine, I started wondering what the hell I had been thinking to get myself into this pickle. It didn't take that long for him to get it out and stitch my head back up and the doctor, who was not my normal doctor, had a great sense of humor. Overall, not a bad experience. Healing hasn't been that bad, so far, although it tends to feel like someone's been rapping on my skull with a ball-peen hammer.

On Saturday I got to wash my hair for the first time, and I took great care during the washing, drying, brushing and putting-up process, mainly so as not to accidentally brush the stitches or otherwise anger the Giant Boo-Boo. It wasn't until hours and much errand-running later that I found out that I'd been going around all day looking like an escapee from Frankenstein's laboratory.


I know that some of you think we live in this bastion of urban splendor, what with all of our Jamba Juice and Starbucks and Targets. And I know that our area tries to paint a shiny, cosmopolitan picture and tries very hard to act like we're not just a Cow Town.

But. Really.

For those of you familiar with our area, this wasn't even Fair Oaks. This is walking distance from my house. There have been chickens behind the Dairy Queen for as long as I've lived out here, but this is the first one that was bold enough to come begging at the drive through window.

Maybe he's taking a cue from the sudden explosion of corner sign beggars?

Finally, let me introduce my new iPod:

Big Red.

I did end up going with the 5th Generation Nano, 16 gigs. When I started really comparing features and prices and storage space, I knew there was just no way I could justify spending that much more for the iPod Touch. Especially when I would still need to purchase some variety of armband/holster, and I wanted to buy the Nike+ Sports Kit.

I was initially excited that the iPod Nano had an exercise tracker built right in, but then I got the chance to test drive one and found out that it was just a pedometer built in to the iPod. I hate to burst anyone's bubble, but a pedometer is virtually useless. "Adding steps" to your day may, in fact, be good for your health, but, in general, is probably not going to do a lot for you or your waistline. And I say this totally from personal experience.

I'm not too sure how the Nike+ thing is going to work. I understand that you can upload your information onto a website, and I think you can also tweet your information. I plan on trying it out for the first time this evening when I walk down to pick MonkeyDo up from school.

One last thing:

The decal says "United States Air Force". I'd love to know more about this truck, but it sure is a beauty.

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