Saturday, March 06, 2010

Endorphins Make You Crazy

The shoe saga continues and I've visited several shoe stores and turned up bupkiss. I actually have a list of potential shoes that I found using Shoe Dog over on Road Runner Sports. I've been trying to find the shoes in person to try out before making a purchase because I don't even want to think about having to ship them back if I still have problems. I know there are no guarantees, regardless, but I am really over this being an issue and would love to just move on to the part where I can concentrate on working out and not on my damn shoes.

Thursday night, after another fruitless trip to yet another sports store (ok, fine, two), I went to a copy shop and proceeded to copy and arrange the phase two workout of the "Get Your Body Back" workout from The Big Book. I also copied the "Spartacus" workout and a "Create Your Own Warmup".

All the little flags. OK, there are more on the bottom.

I did the first day of Phase Two this morning, and it was all the right kinds of hurty. When I was done and all showered up, I lost my goddamned mind went to WalMart and proceeded to purchase everything I would need to have a second fully stocked gym bag. So now I should always have a stocked and ready to go gym bag, even if I've already been to the gym that day. Which, you know, makes perfect sense if you are stark raving batshit.

It came up because I was checking the website for my gym and finding more and more classes that I'd like to take. And if I'm going to the gym in the morning and then taking the first level half hour spin class at the gym by work during lunch how do I work that out when all of my clothes will be nasty and gross and my towel already showered on? It will also make things easier for yoga in the evening and however I end up deciding to work the running thing.

Speaking of the running thing, there's a training group getting started soon and I am so torn about whether I should go for it and join up or just go it solo. Firstly, there's a charge to join up the group. Of course, you get goodies and training help and that sort of thing. But, then, the more I look at it, the more I wonder if the kind of help they have will really benefit me. Like the shoe clinic. Well, these are the same guys that couldn't put me in a sneaker that actually works for me, so do I really need them to lecture me about shoes? Probably not. They also probably don't have anything for me in the way of nutrition counseling because I've been reading In Defense of Food and so my eyes have been opened to the problems with paying too much attention to micro and macro nutrients. So I don't need to know how much protein and carbs and whatever I should be eating. Because that's not what I'm going to pay attention to. The group workouts offer sports drinks and gels and other fuels, but I have a hard time believing that I would even need a power gel to run a 5K. I mean, what is that? Thirty minutes? I'm pretty sure I can eat a good breakfast, drink plenty of water, and run a 5K without bonking.

Just a hunch.

So I've been leaning pretty heavily towards going it alone. I printed out the Couch to 5K training plan. I have a stopwatch and a dog. My sneakers will work, even if they aren't as awesome as I think they should be. WineDog suggested I walk thirty minutes (outside) every day for a week or two before starting out. Which seems reasonable enough, but I'm starting with one week. The C25K plan takes 9 weeks. The Women's Fitness Festival is June 6th.


I'm going to run that 5K.

I've got some more news for you, soon. For now, I need new songs for the gym & for running. What are your favorites?

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