Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekend Wrapup - In Food & Cars

Friday SweetPea and I were downtown doing some errands and we stopped at Suzie Burger for dipped cones.

Suzie Burger dipped cones are dangerous, y'all! Chocolate, vanilla or swirl soft serve dipped into "brick chocolate". Once it solidifies, it's a thick layer of biteworthy chocolate. So good!

Suzie Burger is an awesome little place and if you're local you want to check it out at least once. Unfortunately, the only non-meat main dish they have is basically a cheesesteak without the steak... So grilled onions, mushrooms, peppers, cheese on a hoagie roll. It's not bad, but I don't care for peppers or hot mushrooms, and the cheese tends to be a little heavy & greasy. It's one of those things where, for me, it was really good. Once.

They had this sitting on their counter:

It's a keg of wine. The angle makes it look huge, but it's just a countertop keg. I'm not a big wine drinker, so to me this is either blasphemous of wine or of kegs. I don't know why I can't seem to find wine that I enjoy. Most of what I've tried just tastes like vinegar to me and I can list on one hand the times I've really enjoyed wine. That wasn't actually Sangria. Since I've had bad luck and it tends to be expensive, I just avoid it as a general rule. At least with beer I know how to pick and, even if I screw up, it's usually at least drinkable.

This was in their parking lot and I just love the license plate:

Start Now

They hadn't been pulled over, a couple of California Highway Patrol officers had stopped in for lunch.

On Saturday we were in Folsom when I caught this asshole in action:

No, she did not have a handicap placard, by the way, which is close to a $1,000 fine if memory serves. Maybe her logic was that, since she wasn't all the way in the spot, she wasn't "technically" parking in the spot? I think parents at MonkeyDo's school use that logic a lot. Almost every day there's someone parked illegally in the handicapped spots, and, frequently, they're not parked all the way in the spot.

On Sunday, my birthday "breakfast" was Rubio's. I just adore Rubio's, and their Chile Lime Salmon has overtaken their Mesquite Grilled Shrimp as my favorite. I order it without the chipotle sauce because that's a mayonaisse base, so I can save some fat and calories that way.

Here is my two taco plate, minus one taco:

Good thing I got a little taco with my cabbage!

It comes with the salmon, grilled corn, cilantro & onion and green and purple shredded cabbage. It tends to be really dry without the chipotle sauce, so I usually squirt it with lime and add some salsa verde. Here it's on corn tortillas, but you can get flour if you prefer.

I always squirt my chips with lime and sprinkle with salt before liberally scooping up salsa verde. So good!

I'm in the process of reading In Defense of Food and I'll be posting about that (and how it's affected my shopping) soon.

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