Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Salted Quandaries

Not only is it that time of the month (raise your hand if you're on your period.. it seems like that's all I'm seeing online right now. Are we all on the same cycle or something?), it's also that "special" time of the year where I feel stagnant and trapped and like what I need most is Change! Change! Change! I'm trying to take this mood with a grain of salt and a liberal application of patience.

It started with that certain blog awards thing that's been going around, plus that blogger conference, and then found an echo in Mr. Lady's blog post.

What the hell am I doing here?

Apparently this isn't a Lesbian Blog because I'm just a Lesbian writing a blog about My Life and not about Being a Lesbian. It's apparently not a mommy blog because both of my kids are well on their way to being independent, grown human beings and our "family issues" revolve more around "oh, yes, sir, you will too be getting a driver's license" than weaning or sleeping through the night or whether or not I should immunize them.

Other things this blog isn't:

Fitness Blog

Wine Blog (although that might be amusing)

Dog Blog

Photography Blog

Crafting Blog

Gardening Blog

Green Blog

Reviewing Stuff Blog

Funny Blog

It's just a hodge podge of stuff that pops up in my head and then I write it down and share it with you all because you are just so lucky you can't hardly stand it.

My most popular blog post ever is this one(NSFW), and I'll give you one guess as to why I get so fucking many random people showing up to that post.

Most of the time it's no big deal because, really, this blog is totally random, much like me and the life I live, and I have a fairly devoted group of followers that pipe in when they feel like it or when they have the uncontrollable urge to type in ALL CAPS. But then I read posts like Mr. Lady's and, then, later that day my wife looks at me and says "It takes three hours a day to be a professional blogger... You could do that!"* and I start to wonder, really, what the fuck am I doing here? What the hell is the point of this?

And I just don't know what the answer to that is.

*I have no idea where she got this statistic, but some days I seriously consider disabling NPR in the vans.

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