Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Twists & Turns

I totally randomly developed shin splints and I don't know why.

Oh, shin splints, bane of my youth, how I loathe you!

They popped up mysteriously on Saturday while I was on the treadmill. I'm sure they're behind the stiffness & achyness in my knees and calves the next few days. OK, still. Thankfully, the actual shin splints seem to have disappeared? Resolved?

Whatever. They're gone. Huzzah.

I am pretty sure I should change my sneakers, though.

In totally almost kind of related news, SweetPea bought me a new pillow for Christmas. It's one of those special pillows made for people who wear CPAP masks at night. It's pretty snazzy, and there's even a cut-out that perfectly fit my shoulder.

I was pretty happy about all of this until I noticed that it seemed like I was waking up every morning with a headache, and it seemed like it started when I changed my pillow.


Not being as stupid as it sometimes seems like I am, I changed my pillows back.

It worked really great, and the headache stopped being there when I woke up in the morning.

Except that I then developed a kink in my neck right at the base of my skull and it (wait for it) gives me a headache.


And don't even get me started on WineDog suggesting that my headaches are caused by my tits and that maybe I need a reduction. I'm not sure if she's noticed, but I'd say that if anything requires reduction surgically my ass is probably of greater concern than my tits.

Frankly, though, I'm really hoping to avoid surgery on all accounts, even when I read shit like this and it makes me feel like maybe surgery is the only way out for me.

But when I'm really, truly honest with myself, I know I'm not trying as hard as I need to be or can be, and it really isn't fair for me to feel like I have to resort to surgery when it's not even really like I've given anything else a fair chance.


I was totally going somewhere with all of this gossip about my shitty shins and my chronic headaches.

I've been wishing and hoping and trying and pining for months now about taking a yoga class. I know it would be really, really good for me, but I've never done yoga before, and I've never even taken a class at the gym.

I know, right?

My gym has "mixed level yoga" - one mornings class and two evenings classes. The mornings class ends at the time I need to be showered and dressed and ready to leave the gym (unless I don't have to take MonkeySee to school), and the evening class just kind of scares me because I always think that it's much busier in the evenings. And if the fat girl is going to make an ass out of herself in the yoga class, she'd really prefer as few witnesses as possible.

You know?

I've intermittently been checking online for the classes available at other clubs, and I found a "Yoga Basics" class - for those new to yoga or the "yoga shy" (really!). Which, of course, is totally me! And I was so excited about it, except that the class I found was only available on Mondays at 11am. And, unfortunately... Well, I have a job.

Recently I was peeping through the classes again, and I found a second offering: Wednesday evenings!


I discussed it with SweetPea, and I'm dropping the Monkeys off with their dad and going to yoga tonight. I get a yoga class, SweetPea gets a night "off", the Monkeys get to have a (ok, short) visit with their dad.

I think that sounds pretty awesome for a Wednesday night.

Suddenly I'm wishing I had better pajamas. Then I would shower after yoga, put on my jammies, grab the Monkeys and head home to bed.



Wine Dog said...

Bariatric surgery is such bullshit. We're such a bunch of lazy assholes.

dolphyngyrl said...

I know, right?

I've got more on that later.