Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Internets Radio - Gym Finds Three

Now I can't say that I didn't know about this song until I saw the video at the gym, but I will say that I've done my level best to not listen to it. I don't know, there was just something eye-roll-worthy about it to me.

But the video... Holy crap, is that bizarre or what? Watching her move like that, it just seems so alien and, yes, I'm sure that's the point, and I'm also sure that's a yoga/pilates flexible body. But, still. It kind of gives me a headache just watching it.

Also, do you think she's aware of the way that some of the symbolism in the video can be taken? I mean... I wonder where they got that cage (nsfw), anyway...


Loki's Dad said...

Shakira was vastly superior before she was repackaged for an American, English speaking audience.
You can find the lyrics in English, but its better in Spanish.

dolphyngyrl said...

Isn't it funny how that works?

I loved the video, and then I clicked on this one:

Yowza that's lots of yummy! :)

dolphyngyrl said...

Also? Leave it to you to link to the Spanish song with the French translation in the sidebar!

Loki's Dad said...

I didn't even notice that it had the french translation; that was the only version of the original video I could find (although the video from the MTV Latin Unplugged show was good too. Here's a more recent video, featuring a greased up Shakira (enjoy) and another favorite, Alejandro Sanz, followed by my favorite video from Sanz.