Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fickle About Furniture

The other day, SweetPea and I were puttering around downtown, and she agreed to stop in at a little shop I'd been wanting to peep in for a few years now:

(if you click the pic, it'll go to their website)

Of course, I promptly fell in love:

Vintage 1930's Chiffarobe

Gorgeous hardware - all working!

Look at this beautiful interior!

Of course, it was totally gorgeous, and probably totally reasonably priced. Too bad we don't have the money or the space for it.

*heartbroken sigh*

Ooh, wait.. Check this out:

Do I maybe have a thing for 1930's furniture? Possibly. Also? I just googled "1930's kitchen" and, let me just say: *faint* My poor wife.

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