Sunday, December 27, 2009

The December Trailer Report

Remember how I said I was planning my Christmas Day activities around a certain premier?

Well, I didn't intentionally plan the timing that way, but it certainly was worked out that way.

After all of our Christmas Day festivities were over, we scooped up the Monkey's dad and hit the theatres to catch Sherlock Holmes. So expensive for the five of us to go - not during matinee hours, no less. But wow. I just loved it. Eye candy and mind candy galore! Of course I love good detective stories, and the way they portrayed the way he thinks things through, and the level of observation... So yummy!It left me thinking about the ways I can be more consciously observant, and the ways in which that can be helpful.

Very inspiring for investigatory little bitches like me!

Of course, you know how much I adore trailers, and here's my absolute favorite of the evening:

Pretty much as soon as I heard Anthony Hopkins' voice, I was in. The Monkeys' dad has what he calls the "Black Screen List" - certain names whose movies he would see even if the trailer was only a black screen and that name. Anthony Hopkins would be very high on that list for me, but I think it's more effective for me to hear his voice. I just love his work and the kinds of movies he's generally in. Very yummy!

So now he's done vampires and werewolves. I think I'm developing a preference for werewolves, and there are a few books I'd love to see made into movies (*ahem*). But maybe that's a story for another time.

SweetPea was super excited to see this trailer:

I can't say that I blame her, it looks exciting!

We're all excited to see this one:

Robert Downey Jr. is definitely on my Black Screen List and, if you must know, I have more than a little crush on him. I also totally enjoyed the first Iron Man flick. I just love the particular formula of smartassery & badassery, and I can't wait to see the follow-up.

What new movies are you looking forward to?


Loki's Dad said...

I am not watching ANY movies until I catch up on Lost. Never watched it (no TV) and now I'm burning up netflix catching up before the final season. Exception, I will probably go see Avatar in 3d, once the crowds settle down.

Loki said...

Me, I love wolfman movies. I get my howl on.