Friday, December 04, 2009

Coke Bottle Contest

This morning I'm going to my very first eye exam in something like 8 years.

I know, right?

The reasons I decided to make the appointment are:

1. Night driving has become downright painful. Headlights are painful and create a wall of glare for me, which, you know, makes my irritation with them seem suddenly so much like it should have been a red flag.

2. I've had to make my monitor at work on the "super big" setting because it just hurt too much to read those tiny little letters.

3. Headaches are not new for me, but I'm putting this down here because of all that tiny little letter reading.

My guess is that I'm going home today with a prescription for glasses.

Because I love this kind of thing, I've decided to open a betting pool about what my prescription is going to be. I've given you your clues. If you are not familiar with vision correction prescriptions, you can read a really good primer here.

What I'm looking for is the first part of the prescription, the "spherical" number, but you can get as detailed as you'd like. Or, if you think I'm not getting a prescription, you can put that as your answer.

Have fun!

The funniest closest answer gets the print of their choice from Busted Knuckle Photography - in your choice of size.

Contest will run through tomorrow morning at 5:30am, when I post the actual prescription. Winner will be announced tomorrow afternoon.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey's Jen Hale...

OK, even with my long, *long*, LONG history and experience with eye exams and corrective lenses, I did my homework. I'm guessing you're going to be a negative lens (basically, nearsighted...I'm farsighted--severely!), and I'm guessing that you're someplace in the -1 range, because if it was as bad as -2, there's no way you'd have waited this long. I'm going to say -.8 (give or take) in both eyes. :)