Saturday, December 05, 2009

Coke Bottle Answer

It turns out that I have astigmatism. Which, as the doctor explained what that does to vision, explains so much about various quirky things about my vision.

It started with him doing the right eye/left eye thing and asking me if the line moved.

Well. Yeah. Isn't it supposed to?

Because I always thought that was normal. Honest. I did. Turns out? Not so much.

My guess is that this also explains why I can never watch 3D movies with those stupid glasses. The images don't line up, so there's no 3D effect.

We talked about the last time I had an eye exam and how the doctor gave me glasses for eye fatigue, and the explanation she gave me about the point at which our vision is in focus but our eyes are relaxed. She gave me glasses to help that "relaxed" point be where my computer monitor was. Which was super, except every fucking thing else was blurry and out of focus. Great if I was literally staring at the computer all day, but my eyes roam. A lot.

He told me that these would help my overall vision and that I'd be able to wear them all the time. He also thinks this will help some with my headaches. Because my brain won't be trying to correct that wonky image it's getting. He also demonstrated what the new lenses will do and the difference was, like, whoa. My eyesight isn't even that bad, it's just the astigmatism causing the wonkiness that's screwing me up.

These are the frames I picked out:

I'd have taken snaps with them on, except that I couldn't see shit and the office staff was right there. Also? Picking out frames with dilated eyes is Not Exciting.


As for my prescription, I said I only needed the spherical number. My right eye, it turns out, is worse than my left eye.


OD: +.25 -1.00 Axis 081
OS: Plano -0.50 Axis 105

So, what? My left eye is more crooked? I dunno. But I can't wait to be able to see correctly!


(7 - 10 days, they're texting me when they come in.. ha ha!)

PS: does anyone have any experience getting glasses through online stores like this one? Would love to know your thoughts! WAY cheaper than even with insurance!

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