Thursday, November 05, 2009

November Heartbreak

I don't even know what to say about Tuesday's night's loss in Maine. It is maddening and disheartening and frustrating and heartbreaking and enraging. It is a vicious flashback to last year.

We should not have to fight for our rights like this. Piecemeal from state to state. Begging for the crumbs of equality. Did we not just sign a federal law granting us all protection from hate crimes based on, among other things, our sexual orientation?

Yet the states and federal government seem to think it's perfectly acceptable to continue to legislate hate on a large scale.

I don't know. I think this is why I try not to get too involved with politics. The ignorance, hypocrisy and idiocy make me crazy.

Instead of attempting to articulate my rage, frustration and heartbreak, I'm just going to direct you elsewhere.

Dawn: I have a lot of love for Dawn, and it breaks my fucking heart that, after all the work she & Laura put into fighting this, the damn thing passed, anyway.

Maura Hennessy who has said what I've felt for quite some time now.

Wine Dog: There's this woman that I work with who has this way of talking to certain people. You know, the ones who call in trying to get away with something? And she gets this tone and she talks to them just like a mom scolding a kid for being a dumbass and totally gets away with it, because she's actually super nice, way helpful and really knows her stuff. Which is kind of what Wine Dog reminds me of when she gets going on a good rant. It's the kind of scolding that would make anyone with an iota of intelligence or self-respect ashamed of themselves. And that's my kind of rant.

PS: And I'm also heartbroken by the news out of Fort Hood. My heart goes out to all of the families affected by the tragedy. All of the families.


Wendy Hawksley said...

I'm so disappointed about what happened in Maine as well. What the hell??????? I'm a New Englander, and I always feel proud that our folks tend to be more "progressive" and open-minded.

Not so, apparently. Grrr...

Fucking assholes.

Ohhh, sure. If they try to pass hate crime laws, people whine and bitch about giving "special rights" to a group of people based on race or age or some such.

BUT it's OK to give SPECIAL rights to a group of people because they are fucking STRAIGHT.

That's right. Heterosexuals are a special PROTECTED class.

How so?

Because they get the SPECIAL right of marriage.

And that?

Is not right.

I am also so very sorry for the families at Fort Hood. What a horrible tragedy.

Syrlinus said...

I was surprised but also, not surprised (if that makes sense). There is too much believe that if you allow same-sex marriage, then the religious portion of life will change. And I've noticed how religious Americans are (far more expressive, at least, than Canadians).

What I think that is often forgotten is that the church (whatever church one goes to, if that) doesn't give out marriage licenses, the state does. People view that as a form of a civil union. The reality is that it's the word (marriage vs civil union) that people get hung up on. If a civil union had all the rights as a "marriage" (a civil union blessed by a church) and since most Americans seem supportive of same-sex civil union rights, why not pursue that? Remove the religious portion out of it and then let individual churches decide whether they will bless it as "marriage" or not?

Syrlinus said...

Oh.. and I forgot to add, I was shocked and horrified at Fort Hood. And I began to wonder what backlash would happen once the identity of the shooter came to light. Thankfully, things seem far more calm and less reactionary than previously.

Prayers for the families of the victims as well as the family of the shooter. And the shooter. You have to figure someone is in a lot of hurt to do something like that and probably needs as much help as society can offer.