Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gratitude Giveaway

I know I keep telling you that I've got loads to tell you, and I do, and, strangely, it has a nasty habit of changing frequently. Since it's Thanksgiving week, I thought it would be fun to do a Gratitude List with a Twist (and, no, the twist isn't that I'm a poet and didn't know it).

When we went down to Side Show Studios for the Second Saturday showing the featured our work (*ahem*), I picked up some goodies. A few greeting cards and some postcards and some other things. I love sending mail, so I'm always on the look out for cool postcards and greeting cards so I can send a "just because" note to someone I love who's not nearby.

I grabbed some extras while we were there, and I'm offering them up to you for free in exchange for playing a little game (contest? giveaway?).

There are two packages up for grabs. The first one contains two greeting cards:

Bear with Salmon by Char Hall & I Love You by Jacquelyn Bond

Each blank card features a print of the original artwork and comes individually wrapped.

The second set contains three postcards:

Two by Jacquelyn Bond and one from Social Vermyn.

The backs are fully mostly write-on-able and mailable.

You must enter to win, and The Verbosery will randomly select two winners to receive one set each. The giveaway runs through midnight, Pacific time on Friday, November 27, 2009 ("Black Friday") and winners will be announced Saturday. Winners must contact me with their mailing address by Monday, November 30th or they will forfeit the prize and another winner will be chosen.


Make sense?

To enter, you must do one of the following things:

1. Post a comment and include five things you are thankful for this holiday season.

2. Blog about the five things you are thankful for this holiday season, include a link to this giveaway, and then post a comment with a link to your blog post.

*In the interest of full disclosure, please note that I purchased all purchasables with my own (er, or SweetPea's) cold, hard cash, and none of the artists referenced donated merchandise for the purposes of this giveaway.*


Gomisan said...

Love those cards! I'd like some of those images hanging up in my house!

So, 5 things I'm thankful for hey?

1) I'm thankful I came out of my recent bike crash in one piece.
2) I'm thankful I dont have to move house (not like my poor girlfriend)
3) I'm thankful that I'll get a few days off work to relax.
4) I'm really thankful I have a great bunch of friends and workmates.
5)Lastly, I'm thankful this was only a list of 5 things :)

Syrlinus said...

Dunno if still open but.. here's mine:

1. I am thankful that I finally found my path in life, even if it took a few years.

2. I am thankful that I have a job I love (yes, I do still love my job)

3. I am thankful for good health of friends and family

4. I am thankful that Bobcat is still around, cranky as ever.

5. I am thankful for K being in my life. Without her, life would be lonely and very plain.

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