Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No more gas. In the red. Can't even get it started.

I know, I know! Y'all have been waiting for a real blog post. Something, anything. And it's not like there isn't plenty of fodder out there. Really. There's loads of things I could be writing about.

And not just publicly nagging my friends about their blog ads.

What can I say?

I'm in a funk.

I'm not even sure what started it or what the root is or why I can't just get the fuck over it, but I am so mired in it that I can't even really see anything else.

I feel frustrated and flustered and stagnant and unsure and betrayed and indecisive and lonely.

I want to cry and I'm trying very hard not to be sick. Again.

It's hard finding things to talk about that don't sound whiny and depressing and like I'm rehashing the same old bullshit over and over again.

On Boys & Men

Our one and only male coworker went on the trip last week with us, and I rode down in the van he was driving. He's very old-school chivalrous.

Opens door, including car doors. Prefers to do the driving. Prefers to do the paying. Firmly believes that panhandlers should not approach women and has confronted them about it.

It's just the way he is, the way he's wired, I guess.

His wife objected to his holding car doors for his coworkers (this was a few years ago, well before my time here). Jealousy issues, clearly, but she didn't want him to open the car doors for his coworkers.

He was aghast. "What am I supposed to do? Let them open the door themselves?"

I wonder what happened to people treating each other with such respect and courtesy?

I wonder what kind of boys we are raising when a 15 year old girl can be gang-raped for two and a half hours in front of an audience and nobody does a damn thing to help her.

What the hell is wrong with people?

What happened to the men that wouldn't stand by and let another man hurt a woman?


FemmeFairyGodmother said...

I don't know why someone would be jealous over what amounts to common courtesy. Sigh. Aside from that - I get those funky periods, sometimes. I'm sorry you're dealing with it. I hate the "nobody loves me" phases. Even if I don't comment as regularly as I should, I do read your blog and I am very interested in your life and whether or not you're doing well. xoxox

D.Suplicki said...

I wish more people were as courteous as your co-worker. Something as simple as holding a door for someone walking into a building behind you goes a long way, but a lot of people don't seem to get it.

That attack is sickening. What the fuck is wrong with humanity that kids understand how to and are OK with doing that to someone? What the fuck is wrong with the world that people not only didn't call the police, but joined in?


I'm sorry you're in a funk. I hope you can kick it soon.