Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Waiting & Anticipating

Despite my best and most firm "you will not abscond with my week without warning" voice, I was left with little choice but to turn up Monday for the scheduled procedure.

I don't want to go into too many details, because we're still in the "wait and see" portion of this game. Currently hoping this is the end of this particular chapter of our story, but waiting for the results of post-procedure testing to be sure.

Since Monday I have been feeling less than stellar and have spent a significant portion of time snoozing. Fortunately, I've had most excellent nursing care.

Nurse Kitteh is on the case!

I've used some of my "awake" hours to get tubs of scrub packaged and labeled and ready to ship to some fabulous volunteer testers.

I'm getting pretty excited about this. I think the scrubs are excellent and the balms are on their way to being just the way I'd hope. I've been looking into packaging and labeling for sale, and I'm hoping I can get the start of the line ready for sale in time for holiday sales.

Tomorrow I'll be attempting to return to work. I'll feel better, even if I can only make it through half the day. It always does feel better to get back to routine.

Tomorrow night I go back for my second sleep study. I believe they'll be running me on the CPAP all night, adjusting flow levels to see what works best. I'm hoping this means I'm on the way to get my very own CPAP machine. Of course, this brings up the quandary of what the hell's going to happen on the (many) nights that my nose is fairly clogged and there's no air flowing through it no matter what happens. I guess that makes my next step talking to my doctor about something directed to clearing my nasal passages.

It's like finding all the pieces of a puzzle. I go in for a simple physical, and we're six appointments later and still going. Certainly things could be worse, but I can't say I'll mind when we get back on a regular track again.


mrsb said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! Tell Nurse Kitteh to take good care of you!

Dawn on MDI said...

you'll be glad for the c-pap, believe me. the nose thing, well, I don't know what to tell you. I was on beconase/flonase kind of thing for a while, and now I take alavert when it's bad. I think if you get the full face version you might be better off. That's what I have.