Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life of a High Schooler's Mom

It has so been one of those days, and I'm fighting the urge to call it a wash, go home and hide in bed until it's over.

My sunglasses and my keycard for work are sitting on my nightstand, minding their own business, at home where they're of no use to me.

I didn't put makeup on this morning, mostly because I just didn't care, but if you ask I'll tell you it's because I overslept two fucking hours this morning. I also, have no memory of any alarm going off, at all, and my alarm clock was still set, suggesting I either slept through it entirely, or flipped the switch off then on, as if that would activate the snooze for me. Which brings the total of alarms I slept through this morning to four, not counting snooze.

Because that's how I roll.

I didn't think anything of the no makeup thing, because, really, I don't care that much if I'm not wearing any. It's not like OMG! Don't look! I'm hideous! Although that totally  would have been my answer as a teenager, even though I'd only just started wearing makeup at all.

But then I realized that tonight is Back to School night for MonkeySee's high school. I'm already going to stick out like a sore thumb amongst all the yuppie and/or granola parents that'll be there. A fat, pierced, lesbian sore thumb. I'll be damned if I'm also going sans-makeup.

Hey, a girl's gotta have some standards.

This means I'll be spending at least one of my breaks today putting makeup on so I can look vaguely normal. Obviously not this break, as I'm spending that writing to y'all.

MonkeySee's birthday is coming up soon. We finally got all of our ducks in a row regarding the Birthday Party, so this morning I sent invitations. Using google calendar. To all his friends. Which was kind of odd, to me, to be emailing all of his friends with party information, but, I guess, in today's age, everyone's got email.

There's one girl that MonkeySee met (again) this year that's friends with him and his little group of friends. He didn't have her email address, and was too nervous to ask her directly (crush, much?). On SweetPea's advice, he emailed a mutual friend and asked her to pass along his email address to this other friend.

Because that's how we roll.

No, I will not give out someone's information, but I will certainly pass along your information to that person. Not everyone wants to be contacted, you know, and maybe there's a reason you don't have that person's information.

It's a privacy thing.

I'm kind of stumped on what to get him for his birthday. He has no idea, and just shrugged and said "I need clothes". But that's no fun. I asked if there were any games out that he wanted, since he's always loved both video and board games. His response? "Yes, but they're not for the systems we have."


We have so many gaming systems it's getting a little ridiculous, and it frustrates me that there are still systems that we don't have, that we can't play certain games because of that.

And, no, I don't want any damn more new systems because OMG. Just NO.

A coworker brought up an iPod, but he has an iShuffle that he got for Christmas that is still in the box. Because he could totally care less and isn't, really, that interested in music. No, I have no idea whose kid this is.

I thought about getting him a cell phone, because, really, in today's age, he's a little old to still not have one. But, again, he totally doesn't care. It would come in handy (for us), but he's never been a big phone person and really doesn't seem that interested in whether he has one or not. So I think he'd be all... Um. Yay? But then I think all his friends would be all super excited and pawning over it and discussing how other phones are better than this one and then they'd be calling all the time because Hi! Excited!

And then he'd kill me in my sleep.

Then I had a sweet idea, inspired by our recent purchases over on Shirt Woot: shirts! And hoodies! So I've been cruising etsy and think geek and Northern Sun looking for cool shirts and hoodies. It's extra cool because, now that he's older, I can buy a little bit larger than he wears, and he'll probably be wearing the same size for a few years. Which means I can totally buy him ultra cool shirts without knowing that they'll only last a season. Yay!


Just what the hell do you buy 14 year old boys?


Dawn on MDI said...

condoms. lots and lots of condoms.

Syrlinus said...

ThinkGeek has some really neat toys. You could also, depending on budget, go for an old fashioned backyard artillery (