Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another Goodbye

It's been a really long couple of months.

Maybe I've mentioned?

It's been long and tiring and heartwrenching and I'm kind of over it, frankly.

We're not done, yet, unfortunately. SweetPea's brother is gearing up to move across the country with his boyfriend/partner/betrothed. If you've been around The Verbosery long enough, you might remember last summer when I posted about our adventures painting the town with the Brothers-in-Law and assorted other rascally individuals. I'd link to the post, but I'm at work and can't. And, also, there's that minor issue of flickr having eaten half the photos out of the post when I tried to change some settings on my flickr account.

Fucking flickr.

This has been planned for a year, now. The location has changed, but the moving portion has not. SweetPea's brother has finally hit the realization/freakout stage and is wigging out a bit at the thought of leaving everything he knows, really, to go live on the other coast.

They're leaving Friday morning at 6:45.

Because nothing in our life fits neatly into a category, the sour has been swirled with sweet, as we were reminded of the particular joys of SweetPea's family. OK, so I'm particularly fond of a pair of her cousins, and we got the distinct pleasure of escorting Girl Cousin (freshly of legal drinking age) out on the town with Neighbor and the Brothers-in-Law. We ended up at two gay bars locally known as typically "boy bars", including a leather bar infamous for, uh... Back alley shenanigans.

Actually, it was amusing, because The Boys got drinks and then said they were going out back. I really didn't know what to do with that, because, out back? Um. OK. We can totally wait here. But then they asked if we were coming, and since neither of them are like that, we figured it must be safe, right? And then we were walking to the back door, which was next to the dart games, and I noticed a big white sign placed between the door and the darts that said something about loud noises distracting pullers and shooters and to please be respectful and you just knew that sign wasn't (only) referring to the darts games.

We walked out into a little pathway, side yard type deal, where there were some people lingering against the walls (it's not polite to stare), and then out into, essentially, a big old back yard.

With a bunny rabbit.

I shit you not.

I totally don't get that at all, but there in the backyard of a gay/leather/bear bar was a friggin' bunny rabbit that, basically, had the run of the place. And looked kind of fat, if you ask me.

There was also a deck attached to the back of the bar and it wasn't long before I noticed rat noses and rat butts peeking out from under the deck every now and again.

Yeah. It was that kind of night.

It was totally fun, and we had a good time, and I totally wish we could spend more time hanging with the Brothers-in-Law, except there's that small matter of... Right. Leaving.

Now SweetPea's brother and I haven't always seen eye to eye. Our relationship has been very love-hate, with distinct separations of the two. But I do tend to enjoy the crap out of him when we're in the "love" cycle, and if you ever get into a fight or have a problem, there are no two better bitches to have in your corner than the two of us. Especially considering we tend to egg each other on.



Thursday night we're having a driveway party in their honor, although I'm not sure how long they'll even stay. We've invited Girl Cousin, too, and Neighbor'll be there, and who knows who else might show up. It'll be a good night.

And a bittersweet one.

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Anonymous said...

They said no later than 2300 or 2400 hrs... LoL... I thought they had to get up at the ass crack of dawn...

Oh yeah... and it's 0605 hrs when their plane leaves...