Monday, August 03, 2009

Quick! Who had Caffeine?

Recently I bought a brand new 6-cup coffee maker to replace the brew-as-you-go coffee maker that I've been using for the past few years.

One of the bonuses of the new coffee maker is that it has a clock and is programmable, so the coffee can be ready and waiting for me when I stagger into the kitchen!


So last night I got the little pot all ready to go, and I set the clock and the timer and followed the directions in the booklet - just press "program" momentarily and it'll be ready to start at the programmed time!

And, you know, of course there was no light or anything that would assure me that, yes, the coffee maker had gotten the memo and knew it was supposed to turn on at the appointed time.

I had set the timer to start up at my second alarm, because that's when I need to be actually getting out of bed. I got to the kitchen a couple of minutes before that, so I...


You know. My second alarm. The one that comes after my first alarm?

Three. There are three total.

That is not weird.

Can we move on, now?

OK, thanks.

As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, I had a couple of minutes, so I went out and took care of the laundry. I made it back to the kitchen with seconds to spare, so I proceeded to stare at my fancy new little coffee maker and wait. Before long, the time on the maker flipped to the starting time and....



So, ok, fine, I just pushed the "on" button and walked away.

But. OMG! How hard is it to set a programmable coffee maker?

Anyway, I guess tonight I'll read the manual thingie and see if I maybe missed a step.

If I really can't make it work, I guess I'll have to take it back.

And tell them, what? It's smarter than me?

Screw that.

I'll just make one of the Monkeys get up earlier than me and turn on the coffee maker.

Problem solved.


Loki's Dad said...

The question is, will it take you as long as it took me to realize that am vs. pm matters to a coffee maker? And that having fresh brewed coffee waiting for you at 5:30 p.m. isn't nearly as cool?

dolphyngyrl said...

You know, I'm REALLY good at the am vs. pm thing. Having three alarms set gives you lots of practice.

But I did notice this morning, while jabbing randomly at buttons, that, apparently, there IS a light that comes on when you've set it correctly. And, also, my "momentarily" was a smidge longer than the "momentarily" they intended.