Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Wished for You, Too

In what may well be a record, my brain started trying to talk me out of this morning's work out shortly after lunch yesterday. I had eaten my lunch, and my treat and read my book and realized that I felt like I was still ravenously hungry. In a matter of nanoseconds, it occurred to my dear brain that the next day, indeed, meant a trip to the gym.

Honestly, you'd think it had just been suggested we go visit the fancy lady shoppe and have all our toenails ripped out.

It's just the gym, for fuck's sake, brain!

In totally unrelated news, after a months' long dearth of regular reading material, I now have 8, count them - 8! books to read. I can tell you that I would super enjoy just being able to curl up and bury my face in them, one after the other.

But you know that's totally brain-speak for "Psst! Why not just skip the gym and read? There's always tomorrow...."

OH! And I finally went and purchased pajamas for my sleep study Thursday night. Did you know that the instructions specifically mentioned the requirement of wearing clothes during the study?

I mean. It's like they've met me or something.

This is definitely going to be weird, because I am very much not used to having things on my body while I'm sleeping. But it's just one night, and hopefully they can get the information the doctor needs to correct my sleeping issues and I can be bright & perky & chipper & awake.

OMG I am going to be so irritating!

I also realized the other day that it's highly possible that the sleep study technicians will be able to give me my resting heart rate after the study is over.

How awesome is that?

Now that I don't have to try to remember to take my pulse when I wake up, that leaves more brain power for remembering how not to fall off the bed.


PS: Don't forget, you have until Friday to enter the contest.

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