Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gypsy Rose

Today is the Big Day. We're leaving the office and heading out on our big Field Trip to SoCal.

OK, have I made a big enough deal about this? Because I totally feel like I'm harping. But, you know what? I haven't flown in 16 years. How insane is that?  I'm not afraid to fly, it isn't that, it's just that it's been so long since I've done it, and things have gotten so weird since then. I mean, the last time I flew, you didn't have to check any bags, you could just be that jackass that tried to commandeer the entire overhead compartment. Not that I did that or anything. Hell, the last time I flew, I actually fit in the seat. The fact that I probably won't now is something that I'm trying very hard not to think about.

Of course, being particularly girlie (and more than a little OCD), my first impulse involves overpacking. A lot. Being practical (and more than a little OCD), I managed, instead, to get everything into (what I hope is) a carryon, so that I don't have to check any of my personal luggage. Which, of course, means I got to do the whole "you mean I can't take what?" business, and repackage all of my liquids, and bless the Caboodles gods that the big, fat Cosmetic Bag o' Cosmetic Bags I bought earlier this year actually had a clear, zippered, quart-sized bag. Because all I have at the house are gallon sized ziplock bags. I ended up dumping my purse out last night and repacking it so that I was sure there was nothing contraband in it. Like the straight razor that was a gift from a friend (ok, yes, I've been carrying it around in my purse, and, yes, it's going back in my purse Saturday morning) and the six lighters I somehow ended up with over the last month or two. In my purse right now is my small bag, which functions as wallet & cosmetics bag, the small camera, a deck of playing cards, my red moleskine, five packs of gum, my sunglasses, and my cloves.

I have no idea if this is going to work, because I'm posting this by email from work. If it doesn't... I'm sorry. You'll live.

Here's what I'm taking with me for the trip:

The highlighter is for size reference.

That's two changes of clothes, my full beauty routine, two journals, a book, a pair of boots and Petri. Also two bottles of allergy meds and a bottle of generic excedrin.

I realized yesterday afternoon that I had no luggage tag. Even though I plan on carrying this on the plane, it's always good to have one, right? So this morning I grabbed an empty badge holder that I happened to have lying around. I put my work business card and my Fat Femme Laboratory business card in it. Then I sealed it and zip tied it to the bag.

Now tell me I rock.

Thank you.

Anywho, so that y'all are aware, I will not have access to real internets until Saturday. I will have my email and twitter and whatever else on my cell phone, but I'll probably only use email or twitter.

I won't be reading your blogs (sorry!), and I won't be at any of the other places I normally hang out every day.

We'll all live.


If you need me (and I don't see why you would), you can always email me, and I'll get back to you.

Even if I'm in the meeting tomorrow.

Probably especially if I'm in the meeting tomorrow.

Speaking of which...

We had a briefing yesterday afternoon for the meeting. At one point a coworker leaned over and whispered that we may as well just stay an extra night, because we'll probably miss our (8pm) flight home.

She was totally kidding.

I still almost threw up.

I may have mentioned how I'm not good with meetings, and how I tend to start dozing off after, say, half an hour?


Tomorrow is going to be So. Much. Fun.

And now I'm going to out SweetPea a little bit.

She has a stuffed pig (not me) that she has slept with for, I think, pushing 15 years. And by sleeping with I mean clutching. Sometimes white knuckled clutching. It's part of her particular charm, and the surest way of waking her up is trying to take her pig from her. I don't believe she's been a night without him since she got him.

When I got to work this morning, I had to rearrange some things in my bag. I noticed it looked weird, but didn't think anything of it. Until I got to the bottom of the bag.

And discovered a certain pink stuffed pig stuck in a gallon ziplock bag and packed at the bottom of my bag, under all my clothes.

She said it was not like she was going to get any sleep tonight, anyway, so I may as well have some cuddles.

She's such a jerk.

Anyway, I expect I'll probably post some pictures by cell phone during the trip, but, otherwise, I will probably not post again until Sunday, at the earliest.

Have a good couple of days!

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